Visa to Russia help

The cost of a tourist visa to Russia

The cost of obtaining a visa to Russia starts from $ 100.

Our service includes:
* Preparation of a travel voucher
* Correct completion of the visa application form.

A consular fee of $ 50 is paid separately.

The deadline for issuing a tourist invitation is 20 days.

A tourist visa is issued for a period of up to 30 days.

Documents required for submission:
* Passport (no older than 10 years and at least 1 free turn for visas)
* Bank statement with the movement of funds for 3 months and the account balance (minimum 1500 EUR)
* Certificate from the place of work (on the letterhead, the position and salary for 3 or 6 months are indicated)
* Voucher from a travel company
* Medical insurance from 15 days of stay (insurance amount from 10,000 EUR or more)

* Purchased hotel for the first period of stay in Russia
* A round-trip ticket with a confirmed departure date from the Russian Federation (ticket dates must correspond to the dates of confirmation and the contract).

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