As of April 2022, Indonesia allow entry for tourist purposes.

Type of visa

Single entry visa to Indonesia (impersonal filing)

USD 300 (all fees are included)

 7 days

  1. Copy of passport pages.
  2. Passport / certificate of vaccination, “Sputnik” is suitable.
  3. Color photo 4 x 6 (digital).

You can enter the country only with a visitor or business visa. Entry is also allowed for diplomats and holders of temporary residence cards.

All foreigners, upon entering the country, must provide proof of coronavirus vaccination and go through an 8-day quarantine.

The quarantine takes place in one of the state-approved hotels. Check the list of hotels with our specialists. Accommodation at the hotel at the expense of the tourist.

The company “Tut-Visa” helps in the opening of business visas to Indonesia with a validity of up to 60 days.

With such a visa, you will be able to travel around the country, you are not only allowed to work.

After obtaining a visa, you will have 90 days to enter Indonesia, and 60 days will be counted from the date of arrival in the country.

Please note: there are no visas for Bali or Jakarta, a standard Indonesian visa is valid in all regions.

Indonesia visa documents

  • Copy of passport pages.
  • Scans of all visas for the last 6 months. If you have not traveled anywhere abroad in the last six months, then you need to scan the last stamp for the last 10 years of trips. If the passport is clean, then you do not need to provide anything. It’s not obligatory.
  • Passport cover scan. It is the front side.
  • Reservation of a plane ticket in both directions (it is not necessary to pay).
  • Address, phone number, e-mail (prerequisite: coincidence of the registration address and the address on the bank statement, the bank statement can be from the application, it is not necessary to take a photo of the physical certificate).
  • PCR test done 72 hours before departure, but also possible 7 days before departure.
  • Bank statement in the amount of 1,000 US dollars in equivalent in any currency, you can have national currency.
  • Passport / certificate of vaccination, “Sputnik” is suitable.
  • Color photo 4 x 6 (digital).
  • Police clearance certificate in scan.

Indonesian Embassy official website:

Manufacturing time for an Indonesian visa: 6-7 working days.

You can order a consultation on processing and obtaining a visa to Indonesia (without visiting the office) by.

Our company provides services to citizens of the whole world. Our company employees are fluent in English.

Our services:

  • Visas for the CIS, Asia, Europe and America citizens in more than 50 countries
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