Visa to China for single entry and for a year for all nationalities – assistance in opening visas

Type of visa

Tourist visa for single entry

30 days

65 rubles (2 people – 55 rubles)

7 days (possible for 1 day)


Tourist visa for two entry

2*30 days

180 дней

30$ USA (2 people – 55 rubles)

7 days (possible for 1 day)


Tourist visa for two entry

2*60,2*90 days

180 дней

40$ USA (2 people – 65 rubles)

7 days (possible for 1 day)


The cost of type M visas and multiple business visas to China for all nationalities

Business visa for single entry

30,60,90 days

80$,100$,120$ USA.(by days)

7 days (possible for 1 day)


Business visa for two entry


90-180 days

115$,125$,140$ USA.(by days)

7 days (possible for 1 day)


Business multivisa for a year

30,60,90 days for single entry

1 year (unlimited travel)

160$,170$,190$ USA.(by days)

7 days (possible for 1 day)


Consular fee:

1. Single business or tourist visa – 30 USD
2. Two entry business or tourist visa  – 45 USD
3. Business multivisa – 90 USD

Visa to China for 1 day – pay the consulate 30 dollars.

Payment via visacard, webmoney, yandex money, kiwi.

фото китай без визы на 30 дней тутвиза

Documents for visa to China

1. Passport. You must have one clean page for visa.

 Important! For a visa to China, the age of a passport is not a necessary criterion: it can be older than 10 years. However, the validity of a passport must end no earlier than 6 months after the expiration of the visa.

2. Application
3. Photo

If you are not in Belarus

We prepare business invitation to China and sent it to you via e-mail.

The process of opening a visa to China in Belarus

1. Prepare necessary documents
2. We, as an accredited company, bring documents to the Chinese Embassy (located on 22 Berestyanskaya Street)
3. We submit documents from 9.00 to 11.30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
4. Collect documents from the Embassy.

Legalization of documents in the Chinese Embassy.

Our company helps to legalize documents in the Chinese Embassy.
Price – 50$ USA
We take the documents, collect from the embassy ourselves and give them to you already with the seal of the embassy.

Our purpose

The purpose of our work is to save your time and money. Thanks to our work, you will not spend a single extra minute.

We will quickly prepare all the necessary documents for a visa to China.
You or your courier can pick up a passport with visa from our office in Minsk.

Download the application form for a Chinese visa on the website of the Embassy:

Documents for certain categories of citizens

  • Passport.
  • Photo
  • For minors traveling without parents – a copy of permission from both parents, certified by a notary.

  1. Only passport and photo

  1. Only passport and photo

1. Only passport and photo

1. Only passport and photo


Types of Chinese Visas

Bussines visa

This type of visa is suitable for citizens, who are going to do business in China, attend training courses, work in China. To make a visa to China for this purpose can be no more than 6 months. The citizen must provide the original or fax copy of the invitation from a Chinese company or other authority.

Тourist visa

It is issued exclusively to tourists who have confirmation of their intentions in the form of documents from a travel company. Also, a visa may be issued for visiting relatives or for other personal matters. Study visa A Chinese study visa is issued for study purposes in China.

Working visa

Work visa to China is issued for the purpose of work. To obtain a work visa to China, a person must submit a work permit, which was issued by the Chinese authorities and the original of the "Notice of a visa issued by an authorized body", as well as a medical insurance. Important: Belarusian can get a work visa to China through Minsk, but under certain conditions. Through Moscow, it can also receive if there is a registration or temporary registration in the Russian Federation. There is another way to get a working Chinese visa: to get a business Chinese visa and then in China change to working visa.

Our company provides services to citizens of the whole world. Our company employees are fluent in English.

Our services:

  • Visas for the CIS, Asia, Europe and America citizens in more than 50 countries
  • We can also help you with visa in Russia and visa in Belarus.
  • Karta Polaka (Pole’s Card) and citizenship in Poland
  • Translation of documents for more than 40 languages. Notary certification, legalization, apostille.


Minsk city, pl.Svobody 23, office 29. Our office is a 5 minute walk from the metro station Oktyabrskaya/Nemiga


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