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Belarus visa


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Visa to Belarus for foreigners

Виза в Беларусь

The terms, cost and necessary documents for obtaining a visa to Belarus can be found on this page. Step-by-step guide to obtaining a Belarusian entry visa for up to 1 year for business or tourist purposes. We will tell you which visa to choose and how to get legally to the Republic.

Tourist visa

Duration of stay
up to 30 days

Need to buy the reservation out at a hotel
for all period of stay

Validity period
up to 30 days

The duration of making a tourist invitation
7-10 days

How long are you waiting for the visa at the airport
2 hours

How long will it take to make visa in consulate? (doing it before the departure)
7 days

Service fee
100 USD

The cost of the consular fee at the airport
95 euros

The cost of the consular fee in consulate
60 euros

Passport copy and an application form

Business visa

Duration of stay
90-180 days

Need to buy the reservation out at a hotel?
Book only

Validity period
180-365 days

The duration of making visa
7-10 days with the consulate

How long are you waiting for the visa at the airport?
2 hours

Service fee
200 USD

The cost of the consular fee at the airport
95 euros

The cost of the consular fee in consulate
60 euros

Passport copy and an application form

The duration of making visa in Belarus

You need to know about some peculiarities of making the Belarusian visa fast:

  • The exact period of stay in Belarus. If you are going to stay for 30 days, you can make an invitation with the aim tourism. It will take only 7-10 days and you will have your visa at the airport on the arrival. If you are going to stay more than 30 days, so it’s better to have business visa. You will have an invitation in 4 days but you will need to sign documents with the company in your country and apply for Belarusian consulate before your departure.
  • Also you need to check the possibility to have visa at the airport with your passport. You may not have the chance to do it on the arrival. There can be the situation when you will need to make the visa in consulate only.

The process of obtaining a visa: how we work with the client

  1. Send us a photo of your passport on WhatsApp and the completed questionnaire (click here to download)
  2. we will send you the payment account details and the payment amount
  3. you pay the amount and after 3-4 days you will receive a ready-made invitation in scanned form
  4. you pay for the plane strictly by invitation: the day of the beginning of the invitation is arrival, the day of the end of the invitation is departure
  5. send us the purchased ticket and we will send an application to the airport with permission to take you on the flight
  6. next, we send you a link to pay for certain hotels in which we can accommodate you
  7. you pay for the hotel and wait for the departure date

Fast vise processing in the Belarusian consulate

If you have your invitation which we’ve done to you, you can go to the Belarusian consulate in your country and apply the documents. You need to know that if you want to have your visa fast, you will need to pay 120 euros instead of 60. In that situation your visa will be done in 2 days. This process will not influence on the consul’s decision. It will only save your time.

Where can I have Belarusian visa?

There are two places:

  • Minsk National Airport
  • Belarusian consulate in other countries

What’s the difference? Do you need to make visa in advance if you can have it in the airport?

We will tell you 3 reasons why you need to think about the place of having visa to Belarus

  • They can deny visa. It means that you will be in the Belarusian airport without the right to go out. You will need to buy a ticket and return to your home country.
  • The cost of visa at the airport is higher. It costs 95 euros instead of 60.
  • There’s a list of countries which can’t have visa in the National Airport. You should ask our specialist about your country because the list changes.
  • If there is a Belarusian consulate in your country, but you arrived at the airport without a visa, you are required to pay a fee of 190 euros (2 times 95 euros)< / li>

Is visa in Belarus for 1 year real? What peculiarities?

A year Belarusian visa is given with business purposes. It has some peculiarities

  1. Consular fee is similar to the fee of one time arrival visa
  2. You need the contract between your home company and Belarusian one. You can be the director of the company, the owner or the employee. In that situation the head must sign and stamp this contract.
  3. Business invitation is given by the Belarusian company according to the contract. The invitation can’t be given without the contract.
  4. Some countries require the original invitation, some countries require only a copy for applying in Belarusian consulate. You can ask out specialist who’s talking in English fluently about your country in whatsApp or Viber.

Is it possible to get the Belarusian visa in other Belarusian airports? It’s impossible, Minsk airport only.

What documents do you need to have for applying in a Belarusian consulate and for getting it in the airport? The list of documents for a consulate and the airport applying is the same.

An application form

Download the application form in English (Click there).

A photo

The photo requirements are similar to the requirements of the Schengen agreement: 35mm*45mm, 80% of the photo must be the face. There must be nothing additional on your face. A photo must not be older than 6 months. You will be able to take a photo in the Minsk National Airport.


Your passport must not be older than 9 years. It must be in a good condition. The validity period must be longer than your visa. The allowed period of the validity of your passport after visa is usually 3 months. Also you must have at least 2 pages for the visa to Belarus

Insurance for visa to Belarus

The main requirements for the insurance:

  • The blank must have the insurance company name
  • You must have the definite information about insurance validity in Belarus
  • There must be the name of the insured person
  • Insurance amount is 10 000 euros

Consulate fee

You must have the document which proves the payment of the fee for visa to Belarus

The petition of our organization to give you the visa

The period of doing the petition is 7-10 days. The period includes the delivery of the petition to the airport. If you need to have the petition for the consulate, we will send the copy by email or the original document by the post.


You must buy the reservation out for the tourist visa in Belarus. Are you going to stay for 10 days? You must buy out 10 days. Are you going to stay for 30 days? You redeem 30 days. It is obligatory for having Belarusian tourist visa. By the way, you can only book the hotel for business visa. That’s the difference between them.

In cooperation with us, you are required to stay in one of the following hotels: Belarus, Garni, Voyage, Sputnik, Planet, Jubilee. These are the rules of the Belarusian consular service: if you have a different hotel, you may be denied a visa.

Bank statement for a certain amount or cash

When applying for a Belarusian visa in your country, you must provide an invoice from the bank minimum for 30 euros for 1 day of stay in Belarus
When obtaining a visa to the airport, it is not necessary to show a bank statement or cash in the amount of 30 euros for the day of the planned stay in the country.
You can take the money with you in cash. In US dollars or euros. This will also be considered positively at the airport.

What types of visas can be according to the allowed period?

  • Tourist visa is for 5-30 days of stay
  • Business visa is for 5-180 days of stay in a year

Single-entry visas to Belarus can be tourist or business. It allows to visit the country only 1 time and to leave the country in the last day of valid period.

Multiple entry visas can be guest or business. A guest visa requires the invitation from the Belarusian citizen. Unfortunately we don’t help with such visas. We can only help you with the business invitation.

Is it possible to have a business visa only for 1 time entry?

Yes. The decision about the amount of visas to Belarus is done by the consular. We grant you the visa for the definite period.

Note that if you have the business invitation for 1 year and you are going to arrive with it in Belarus without the visa, you have a chance to get a single-entry visa in the airport. If you apply for the visa with this invitation in a Belarusian consulate in your home country, you have a chance to get a multiple-entry visa.

Does your visa history influence the multiplicity of the given visa for Belarus?

Yes. If you have a lot of visits in Belarus, you will be able to have a 1 year Belarusian visa. The main requirement is not breaking the rules of visa regime.

Download the questionnaire to fill out at the airport "Minsk 1"

Upon arrival at the Airport, you will be required to fill out a questionnaire before an interview with an employee of the border committee. It is not simple, and contains many questions. If the answers to them differ from your real purpose of arrival, and also differ from what you tell the border guard, you will not be allowed to enter the territory of Belarus and you will have to fly back. We ask you to download the questionnaire form in advance and think over your answers in accordance with the purpose and duration of your stay in the Republic.. You can download it here. VISA APPLICATION FORM THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS

belarus visa poluchenie

Update of information from September 28, 2021: from this day on, citizens of Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria can get a visa only at the consulate of Belarus in their country. It is not possible to obtain a visa at the airport for citizens, passport holders of the above countries.

Our company can help you to get visa to Belarus. Call us, and our specialist can provide you all necessary information.

How could I check if I am not banned from entering Belarus?

If you want to check if you have a ban on entering Belarus, click on this link. The official source will tell you.

Disclaimer of liability: Tut-travel LLC is not responsible for the work of consular services, airports and visa centers in case of loss, late issuance of passports and visas to Belarus, and also is not responsible for non-admission and refusal of admission to the territory of the Republic of Belarus of foreign citizens for any reason.