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Polish working visa

Working (National) visa to Poland for 180 or 365 days

Помогаем открывать рабочую визу в Польшу. Гарантий 100%.

Tutvisa.by - assistance in opening visas

Half year visa (visa for 6 month)

Period of stay
180 days

Validity period
180 days

Turnaround time
30 days

150$ USA.

only passport

one year visa

Period of stay
365 days

Validity period
only passport

Turnaround time
30 days

600 USA

only passport

Appointment to the visa center

Period of stay
according to the invitation

Validity period
according to the invitation

Turnaround time
10 days

35 USA

passport ans the invitation

What includes in our service: delivery of an invitation from Poland, which gives you the opportunity to open a visa for 6 or 12 months.
Important: We give a guarantee for this type of visa. If you refuse a visa, we return all the money.

How to start working with us?

We can prepare documents remotely. You just need:
1. to send us scan or photo of your passport via Viber.
2. we will check whether it is possible to do a visa in your case and for how long, and will call you back.
3. You need to make an prepayment to the bank account.
4. We send an application to Poland

5. When documents will be ready, we will send you all documents, including application and  appointment, and insurance, if necessary by courier.

6. You will pay us a remaining amount, after submitting to the embassy.

A working Polish national visa is issued by the Polish Embassy for work in Poland with the right to stay on the territory of the Schengen Agreement for six months or more.

When applying for a work visa through our company, you need only a passport.

Documents for work visa to Poland

1. Passport not older than 10 years (2 or more free pages with "visa")
2. 2 photo
3. Photocopies of all visas for the last 3 years, even if they were in your previous passport..
4. Insurance 

 Polish work visa processing

In Poland, permission to invite a foreigner to work is issued:
1. location of the office of the entrepreneur or enterprise
2. It is not necessary for a foreigner to come to Poland for processing - the employer will do everything
3. all documents in original or notarized copies
4. If the documents are in a foreign language - you need to translate it into Polish
5. You may also need other documents

What exactly does an employer bring to the authorities?
1. an application, that applies for a work permit for a foreign citizen
2. copies of travel documents
3. information about a foreigner, who either lived in Poland for 3 years, or graduated from a university in Poland.
4. There are also different types of work permits (B, C, D, E), it is necessary to clarify what exactly you need and prepare documents according to a list, relating to this type of work permit in Poland.

Features, when applying for a working Polish visa

1. The employer must submit the application.
2. The authority will not approve the application, if the Polish company does not have permission to import labour.
3. You can extend the term of the permit for 2 years if the request is made 30 days before the end of the term of the permit
4. You need to do everything in the most careful way, because all information is subject to the control of the security forces of Poland
5. In case of any changes in the contract with a foreigner, it is required to notify the relevant authorities.


For how long I can get permission to work in Poland? (working invitation)

A Polish working invitation is valid for exactly as long as it is indicated by the authority that issued it. Usually this period does not exceed 3 years. Most often, the Belarusians are issued invitations to six months, as the process of getting the invitation for six months is easier than, for example, a year or more.

Important: the duration of the invitation is not a guarantee for obtaining permission for the same period. The governor may shorten period at his discretion.

How to extend a work permit in Poland?
The employer must submit an application for renewal of the labor permit no later than 30 days before the end of the permit.

What we are applying:
1. payment for consideration of the application
2. previous documents on the basis of which a work permit was issued in Poland
3. documents and forms for the new permit

How to get an invitation for a work visa for a Belarusian to a Pole?
1.We carry out a test in the labor market about the need to invite a foreigner to work to perform complex tasks (it will take 1 week)
2. Get the permit to work in Poland.

In exceptional cases, permission can be obtained without a test of the labor market.

Travel agency "Tut-Visa" has a special permit (license) from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus on the right to carry out activities related to employment outside Belarus. The unique number is 33030/1810.


Download the application form for a working Polish visa on the website of the Embassy:



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    Сергей Трофимов

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